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- Shin Seungho
82 - 31 - 5594119

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Dongwoo Flexible Metal Tube

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Dongwoo has not forgotten the slogan that it is important to keep the resolution which we had in mind when we start our business. 
We are living in the time of fast changing technologies and services. Dongwoo will provide with more stable and practical solution by combining the basic and high technologies.
Dongwoo had lots of difficulties in intense competition but we made them our chances and we believe that we become the best partner to our customer that we tried to be from the start.
We believe that it was impossible without your devotion as a partner and it was the driving force for us to grow.
We always appreciate your help and we promise that we will do our best to return the devotion you have shown to us.
We'd like always to be a sincere and truthful partner of you.

Dongwoo Flexible Metal Tube is Look forward to working on the whole body to produce the best products on the basis of mutual trust.
 Moved to present building(new factory and office)
 Patent for newly designed bracket system 

 UL certified
 Converse from a private company to
 a Corporation 
 Registered as a Venture business 

Patent for a Fixed anchoring system 
2004. 02
Established Dongwoo
KFI(Korea fire fighting institute) certified
ISO 9001, ISO 14001


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